Sunday, 7 September 2008

Poll Results - 07/09/08

New poll results! Again, they've been up for ages, but let's go through them anyway.

The 'run by douche-bags' option was merely there as the Essential Comedy Poll Option™, and isn't really relevant to what you think about the content of the site, so we'll notch those three votes as positives. In other words, you three fell into our trap! Haha! None of you said 'it sick', so thank you for that. If we're being honest with ourselves, the person who voted for 'needs improving' is right. All those that either said you liked it, or went for 'it's fuppin' grand' made us blush our cheeks off. So, thank you!

New poll up soon!


Ronan The Librarian said...

Perhaps a poll for our readers' favorite console is in order?

Might help to define our coverge ;)

TheFighterOfFoo said...

Shall do it now!