Sunday, 3 August 2008

A Personal Welcome

I'd also like to welcome all those who read this to the TGN blog, I'd also like to add a link from here to the FORUM incase people happen to stumble across this blog first rather than the forum itself. Do join, we don't bite - much.

Whether we can get some interesting content (or not) here is dependent on whether the members who frequent the forum desire to make use of their writing talent (or lack of) to entertain, inform or infuriate those who decide to read the articles. Imagine this place as an extension to the forum; entertaining, packed with interesting contents, not completely necessary and full of fun - very much like a pair of underpants then.

I would love it if this takes off.


TheFighterOfFoo said...

Proof-read. LOL!

Mumbo said...

But I can't see any spelling or grammatical errors. =(

TheFighterOfFoo said...

That's because I've proof-read it. :)