Friday, 15 August 2008

Poll Results - 15/08/08

Despite being closed for a number of days now (I've only just noticed) the results are in! 22 people voted (moar plx), 45% said that they would indeed like to contribute (I'm guessing a few already have, bless 'em), 45% said maybe, which is lovely enough, I guess, and 2 people (9%) said they wouldn't, which is rather mean-spirited, but at least they answered.

I guess you're all thinking the same thing as me at this point; 45 + 45 + 9 does not add up to 100, it adds up to 99. That mean-spirited duo went and borked our poll! The traggots!

The new poll should be up just as soon as I can think of one. And, no, it won't be crisp-related, as that one's already been done.


Ronan The Librarian said...

Perhaps a poll enquiring about the quality of the site thus far?

TheFighterOfFoo said...

Nice idea. Done!

<< LOOK! <<